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Founder at I61 Foundation


"What an incredible morning spent with Diane. Her intuition and perception helped me unravel my thoughts, ideas and dreams leaving me with a clear understanding of where I am and where I need to go. Thank you Diane, for your time and heart. I would thoroughly recommend this process. It is key to your business and something we all need to do regularly as our businesses, and the environment we conduct them in, change and evolve."


Partner Development Manager – Southern Africa at Hilti South Africa


"I enrolled in Diane’s META Coaching session for a specific challenge that I was encountering at work. As per the methodical processes that she used, we realized that the root cause was mainly linked to some personal experiences I had in the past! After 7 intense sessions, Diane has not only solved my initial ‘problem’ but also helped me to improve on several key integrated personal and professional aspects! In less than 1 month, I was better equipped to better move forward.."


Solutions Engineer - Managing Director at ETMS


<<J'ai rencontré Diane l'an dernier et fait l'expérience de "The Creative Brainstorming" pour toute mon équipe avec elle. Puis, quand j'ai senti le besoin de travailler sur les relations internes à l'entreprise, j'ai fait appel à elle pour m'aider à franchir un cap. Après les 6 séances prévues, je peux dire que cet accompagnement individuel m'a permis d'atteindre les objectifs fixés et ainsi de retrouver cette étincelle sur le chemin de mon développement personnel et professionnel.>>


Editor hAppi Magazine


<< C’est impressionnant tous les mots et images que l’on a mis sur le magazine et sur les nouveaux projets pendant la session de brainstorming... Après cette rencontre, j’ai avancé très vite et très concrètement... Avec Diane, c’est un peu comme-ci que j’avais jeté mon sac au-dessus du mur, ce concept si cher à Tal Ben Shahar. Je n’ai plus le choix maintenant, il me faut franchir le mur pour récupérer mon sac !! >>


Enterprise Security Architect


"What I value most about Diane's Creative Brainstorming session is the focus she brings into the process. Being customer-centric is key to creating a venture that adds value to both my potential market and to me as an entrepreneur. Since the one-on-one session, I have successfully implemented my business concept on paying clients."


Entertainment Agency


"It was inspiring and motivating to do the Creative Brainstorming session with Diane Nuteau. This session helped us to use our strength and creativity, wisely."



Aroma Therapist

"Entrepreneurship can sometime can feel like navigating a small skiff in the storm at night, specially when beginning. In these situations Diane Nuteau can be described as the lighthouse guiding you to salvation.enlightening and inspiring. Thank you Diane for your advices."



Country General Manager at MusclePharm, Partner to Fact Products Inc. USA 

"Diane is a rare mix of productivity and ambition which is a great example of her professionalism and explains why everyone loves working with her -- no matter in which industry they fall."

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-19 at


Founder - Island Bio 

"I rarely encountered someone who put as much passion as you do in their professional occupation!


Diane managed to keep contact with us on a regular basis to ask for our opinion about the evolution of the implementation of her strategic plan and never hesitated to express her views and opinions about what could be improved or altered... she managed to capture the essence and the vision after only a single project presentation we've made."



Junior Chamber International (JCI) Mauritius

"This 5th edition has been looking for creative young entrepreneurs who had started a new business using creativity in product development, service development, and in their approach to the market or, who had taken an existing business and incorporated creativity to solve a problem, or change a process, to create positive change in their business operations.

This year’s winner is Diane Nuteau of Diane Nuteau Communications Specialist, which provides integrated growth strategies and communications services for start ups and SMEs, mainly in the form of interactive brainstorming sessions. The jury chairperson stated that the winner’s business demonstrated a strong social impact."



Communications Team Lead - AFRINIC - Regional Internet Registry for Africa

I had the chance to be coached by Diane for The Creative Brainstorming Workshop. Absolutely amazing! Entertaining, insightful and inspiring. A journey of self-discovery in a relaxed atmosphere and venue. Diane aptly took me through the right steps to fulfilling my potential and personal goals. Thank you, Diane.

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